Parchem Construction Supplies stock a range of quality joint sealants and waterstops.

Joint sealant products
Civil sealants, for example Thioflex, have been the civil joint sealing product of choice for many years. In recent times these sealants have been joined by others such as Roadseal and Emer-Seal CR. Roadseal is a high movement pavement seal and Emer-Seal CR is a highly chemical resistant sealant that can be used in highly aggressive chemical environments such as swimming pools.

Emer-Seal also manufacture Construction Silicone, a facade sealant and fire rated sealants such as Flamex On and Flamex PU. A huge selection of joint fillers and application equipment is also available to compliment these products.

Waterstop products
Waterstops are critical to the success of many civil and commercial structures. Supercast PVC waterstops meet the highest quality and design benchmarks and continue to be one of the most popular brands on the market. Leakmaster and Hydrotite also make a range of hydrophilic waterstops. These are manufactured from high quality polymers which ensure that they are long lasting and hardwearing even in the presence of aggressive ground water.