Covacrete resurfacing concrete products from Parchem Construction Supplies are spray on resurfacing coatings that provide a decorative finish to any existing concrete surface. Covacrete  resurfacing concrete products come in a large range of modern colours and patterns. The product is ideal for clients who want the flexibility to express their individual style in their home make over.

The product is made up of a polymer modified cementitious compound. The base layer is trowelled onto the prepared concrete surface. This levels out the surface, primes the existing slab and forms the grout colour. The top coat is applied next using a special spray gun. The colour is sprayed over the base layer and the stencil and is between 2 and 3 mm in thickness. The stencil is then removed to reveal the chosen pattern. Finally the surface is sealed to protect it and to lock in the colour.

Covacrete resurfacing concrete products create a surface that is up to two times the strength of normal 20mpa concrete. They bond strongly to existing suitable concrete surfaces and transform them into durable, abrasion and slip resistant, decorative flooring surfaces.