Parbury Technologies has expanded its range of coatings to protect exposed concrete and masonry from degradation with the release of Deckguard O.

An aliphatic acrylic, Deckguard O is a translucent coating that features excellent long term weathering characteristics including high UV resistance and is designed to lengthen maintenance free periods and reduce costs.

An additional benefit is its ability, through a clear coating, to disguise newly repaired areas, visually blending new sections with the original building work. It is suitable for use on most types of concrete and masonry structures and provides excellent protection for assets in aggressive marine and coastal environments.

Deckguard O is ideal for the protection of concrete buildings where the architect wishes to provide long-term protection against soluble salt attack as well as superior waterproofing while retaining the architectural integrity of the façade appearance without the use of pigmented coatings.

Source: Building Products News.