After successful launches throughout Europe and the United States, Parbury has announced the introduction of Valchromat solid through colour MDF to the Australian marketplace.

Valchromat is a solid through colour MDF panel, manufactured in Europe by Valbopan, and is a key addition to Parbury’s extensive portfolio of market leading brands.

The product is available in six colours initially with a seventh colour launching shortly. The colours available in market in July will be red, yellow, blue, black, green and brown. Orange will be available before the final quarter of 2006.

Some of the unique physical properties of Valchromat are listed below.

Colour fast - Organic dyes are infused into the wood fibre so that they are resistant to fading when exposed to UV rays from artificial light.

Moisture resistant -Valchromat is moisture resistant. It is ideal for high humidity regions and applications where humidity and moisture are present.

Strong - Special resins are added to the wood fibre during processing which bonds the fibre together. Valchromat is 30% stronger than standard MDF.

Through colour - Organic dyes are added to the wood fibre during manufacturing. The dyes penetrate the fibre so that the colour is uniform through the board.

Ecological - The wood fibre used in the production of Valchromat comes from forest waste.

Non toxic - The dyes used to make Valchromat are the same dyes used to dye fabric. They are 1000/0 organic. The colours are soft natural colours.

The unique physical characteristics of the product mean that it is incredibly flexible in the way that it can be used. Some of the most appropriate applications are as follows:

Corporate fit outs - Walls, cabinets, seating, tables, ceilings, counters, and general millwork all benefit from the unique physical properties of Valchromat.

Retail and shop fitting - Valchromat is 30% tougher than regular MDF. That combined with its uniform through-colour make it the perfect choice for high traffic areas, large or small.

Hospitality - Valchromat is formulated with special resins that give it superior resistance to high moisture. The organic dyes used resist fading. It is ideally suited for counter tops, table tops, store fronts, and high moisture areas.