Parbury’s new Arf LED (light-emitting diodes) Spotlight has been especially developed by Hera and designed for use in furniture and shop fitting display applications. It is particularly useful for the illumination of products without subjecting them to heat and where energy saving is important. Due to improved driving circuitry, a very high luminance with extremely long lifespan and energy efficiency are achieved.

These lights are available in two different colours, Cool White White (a stronger daylight-like, slightly blueish light) and Warm White (a softer light).

The three finishes available are Chrome, Matt Chrome and Stainless Steel.

Features of the LED’s allow a long and functional life to shop fitting displays and can be safely utilised in environments where it is important that the light does not affect the temperature of the space or cause fading. They are suitable for areas where food, art, jewellery, clothing, etc are showcased.

Other features of the LED:

- Lower power consumption – three watts, as compared to ten watts for Arf.

- Long life time minimum of 30,000 hours.

- Low heat dissipation – no minimum distances apply.

- No ultra violet radiation i.e. Lights will not fade colours, even after extremely long use. They are safe to use with food, art, jewellery.