Statutory signage compliant with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements is available from Paragon.

Paragon can custom manufacture all signage for fire doors and service doors as well as emergency services and amenities within a particular development. The signage can be designed to match both decor as well as budget while achieving the relevant compliance requirements.

Paragon manufactures BCA compliant signage on various substrates including acrylic, anodised aluminium and stainless steel using several methods such as vinyl computer cut lettering, printed and engraved, and paint filled applied to door.

Safety decals for clear glass typically consist of a 75mm continuous band of film with a 30% contrast to floor colour. These need to be applied to clear glazing to achieve compliance and reduce the risk of injury.

The Australian Standard AS1288 titled ‘Making Glass Visible (Manifestation)’ aims to prevent people from accidentally walking into clear glass because they can’t see it. A common risk with clear glass doors and glass walls, such accidents can be avoided by installing an opaque window film as a strip across the glass. Paragon can supply this film with logos or decorations. Read Clause 5.19 to find out what is permissible.

Buildings where the BCA requires access for people with disabilities have different requirements for signage, which are detailed in AS1428.1.