Paragon presents 3M Colour Stable, an advanced development in window films designed to provide enhanced clarity, reject glare and UV, and minimise heat.

Originally developed for the automotive market, the 3M Colour Stable window film has been successfully applied by Paragon to flat glass in home and office environments. Key benefits include significant glare reduction, an important factor for the growing number of computer and television screens used in offices and homes, in addition to UV rejection, and higher clarity and durability. With the Colour Stable film, you can avoid the need for heavy window coverings.

The Colour Stable range of window films uses state-of-the-art technology not found in conventional films, to deliver style, stability and performance. The name ‘Colour Stable’ refers to the nano-carbon polyester window film created by 3M that will not turn purple over time.

Key features of 3M’s Colour Stable window films include unique manufacturing process allowing for maximum heat rejection; stylish, non-mirrored black colour providing an architecturally designed, factory tinted glass effect; maximum protection from the sun’s heat and ultraviolet rays, ensuring indoor comfort; and 3M non-metallised film offering easy maintenance, long life and zero interference with mobile phone, GPS and satellite radio reception.

Available in a choice of shades with varying degrees of sun control capabilities, the 3M Colour Stable range carries one of the most comprehensive warranties for both film and installation.

With the 3M Colour Stable window film range, you’ll benefit from clear views, day and night; increased eye comfort; 99% blocking of damaging UV rays; protection for skin and furnishings; heat reduction up to 57%; glare reduction up to 92%; and zero signal interference for electronic devices.