There are several opportunities in home improvement projects to try your DIY (do-it-yourself) skills. Many homeowners take the DIY route as a hobby and also sometimes to save money. But when it comes to a challenging job such as metal roof installation, Pantex Roofing Systems advises homeowners to hire the services and expertise of a professional as the work involves significant skill and risk.

Pantex has compiled the main considerations to help you weigh your options when it comes to metal roof installations.

Understanding the task at hand

It’s important to understand the full implications of a metal roof installation project before going the DIY route. For instance, there could be underlying damage to planks and boards that need replacement, and disposal costs for old roof materials in addition to the chance of the job not going to plan, forcing you to call in a contractor. Roof replacement is definitely not for DIY beginners. Pantex recommends hiring the services of a professional contractor, and getting a quote that will allow you to budget accordingly and avoid unforeseen expenses.

Understanding the safety risks

Roof installations come with all the risks of working at height and experienced roofing contractors are equipped to counter these risks with appropriate safety gear and heights training. Queensland Workplace Health and Safety regulations address the specific dangers associated with roof construction. To do a DIY roof installation, you will need to purchase safety gear including a safety harness, extra-long ladder and protective gloves. When combined with the cost of roofing materials, it will offset any gains you may make by avoiding professional expertise.

Working in adverse weather conditions

Professional roofing contractors are trained to work safely regardless of the weather condition, and they know the importance of getting a roofing job completed quickly and efficiently. A DIY job will take much longer to finish compared to hiring a professional. This also means you may need to set up temporary tarps on your roof till the work is completed; these can easily become damaged (along with your roof and the interior of your home) in the event of strong wind, rain or storms.

Getting it right the first time

Homeowners choose the DIY route for the potential savings. While it may be cheaper initially, there is significant risk of further expenses due to mistakes and lack of roof expertise. A DIY installation may not be covered under manufacturer’s warranty, which means any damage to the roofing materials will add to your cost and any mistake you make could also potentially damage the structure of your home.

It is important to understand the nuances of how your building supplies are protected under warranty before starting work. Pantex Roofing Systems supplies BlueScope Steel products that come with warranties depending on how the supplies are used. BlueScope offers a warranty estimator to determine how you may best protect your investment.

Get advice from Pantex Roofing Systems

A DIY roof installation project will no doubt, lead to cost savings but the potential risks outweigh the advantages. As providers of high-quality roofing supplies, Pantex can put you in contact with trusted roofing contractors in your area.

Benefit from Pantex Roofing Systems’ 30-plus years of experience in roofing supplies and get your project up and running with their expertise.