Panasonic Australia showcased several new products and technologies from its latest commercial air conditioning line-up at the ARBS 2014 in Melbourne.

Announced at the bi-annual Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Building Services industry conference (ARBS), Panasonic’s offerings for the commercial air conditioning market included the first-ever ECONAVI sensor for ducted and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) products.

With a distinct focus on energy efficiency, the new range consisting of 19 new products completes Panasonic’s comprehensive offering in heating and cooling solutions for Australian businesses and demonstrates best-in-class technology for any commercial application.

According to Panasonic National Business Manager – Air Conditioning, Shane Quinn, Panasonic has dramatically increased its offering for Australian businesses in two short years, developing exclusive products and technologies that will change the face of commercial air conditioning in Australia.

Panasonic expects the new 2014 Panasonic range to be of great value to businesses and other commercial organisations looking for the latest in comfort and outstanding levels of energy efficiency.

A pioneer in energy efficiency, Panasonic has launched the new ECONAVI sensor, which allows smart monitoring of room occupancy and activity levels to save energy and reduce wastage when the room is not in use.

Announced in tandem with the ECONAVI sensor is Panasonic’s new deluxe wall controller for ducted and VRF units. Featuring a touch panel control for increased ease of use, this product monitors energy usage and offers Panasonic customers an effective, real-time way to ensure cost-effective comfort.

Both the ECONAVI sensor and deluxe wall controller will offer comprehensive energy-saving solutions for industries including hospitality and retail, as well as high capacity residential developments.

Panasonic’s new 6.8kw, 8.0kw and 10.0kw multi split air conditioners offer a cost-effective yet complete solution for high density developments. Up to 170 per cent connectable, the multi-split products allow customers to have up to five indoor heads, above and beyond the capacity of the outdoor unit. Intelligent cooling power distribution and installation flexibility allow for greater energy conservation and cost savings.

Panasonic also demonstrated its 3-pipe VRF system, which offers super energy-efficient, simultaneous heating and cooling. The 3-pipe VRF is also 150% connectable with over 82 different indoor models and up to 52 indoor units per system. Panasonic offers an unmatched five year warranty on the 3-pipe VRF for both residential and commercial applications.

Supplementing the 3-pipe system, Panasonic has also unveiled new VRF indoor units, including high-static ducted units and super-slim, super-narrow bulkhead ducted units. Panasonic’s latest high static ducted units were also showcased for the first time at the ARBS.

With a focus on efficient and tailored products for a broad range of industries, Panasonic has introduced two new products designed for light commercial use and hotels and apartment applications.

The new mini cassette split system has an impressively slim design and is made to fit within the dimensions of pre-existing roof panels in small offices, retail outlets or similar size structures. The new slim bulkhead ducted units are perfect for hotels and apartment applications due to their streamlined design and small size.

Panasonic commercial air conditioning products are available via Panasonic’s Specialist Air Network from May 2014. The ECONAVI sensor will be available in November 2014. The Panasonic Specialist Air Network offers expert advice and support for the Australian commercial air conditioning market.