Panasonic Australia  will bring Australian businesses into the High Definition videoconferencing era with the introduction of a new High Definition Visual Communications System.  

The HD Visual Communications System is designed to improve productivity as well as lower operational costs and carbon footprint by reducing the need for business travel.  

The new VC500 Full High Definition Video Conferencing System scheduled for release in February 2011, features a Panasonic 50-inch Full High Definition VIERA Plasma TV, main system unit, two High Definition video cameras, a 360° HD audio microphone, VPN router and intuitive remote control for improved flexibility and ease-of-use.  

Mark Deere-Jones, Director, Business Systems Group, Panasonic Australia said the new offering dramatically enhanced the distance collaboration capabilities offered by conventional video conferencing systems.  

“This is not just a conference phone with video. With the VC500, users will enjoy superior image quality and smooth as well as natural conversation; this system provides the ultimate collaborative experience that will make you feel like you’re truly in the same room with your remote colleagues,” he said.  

VC500 Video Conferencing Systems feature on-screen guidance and one-touch memory keys for frequent meetings as well as onsite and remote technical support from Panasonic.  

For added flexibility, the system also allows for Full High Definition images to be displayed on a wide range of HD monitors from small-scale desktop LCDs to a 152” High Definition Plasma. The Full HD images can even be projected with a High Definition projector on a large screen at a presentation.  

“With links available for up to three different locations, keeping in face-to-face contact with colleagues is now as easy as making a phone call,” he continued.  

“With the new Panasonic system, you can connect with teammates instantly, make decisions faster and get more done – all the while leaving a smaller carbon footprint for your company.”  

Multiple HD cameras may be employed so that a second camera can zoom in and share detailed images such as close-up shots during medical procedures. Full-motion, high-resolution video can also be transmitted over the system from laptops connected to the system.  

In addition to transmitting high definition video and audio, the system employs H.264 video compression technology and requires roughly half the bandwidth of competitive systems.  

Panasonic KX-VC500 HD Visual Communications Systems will be available in February 2011.