Panasonic Australia announces a new line-up of dual voltage power tools featuring powerful battery technology. 

The first in the range to feature the company’s new ‘S’ Series long-lasting 4.2Ah lithium ion battery, the new power tools include drill and driver, reciprocating saw, rotary hammer and impact power tools.

The new battery offers up to 27% more working capacity per charge compared to Panasonic’s 3.3Ah battery and is built for heavy use, long runtimes between charges and long cycle life.

Mukesh Desai, Product Marketing Manager, Power Tools, Panasonic Australia explains the new power tools range enables professional tradespeople to get more done in their day with the 4.2Ah battery, and also have the confidence the ‘S’ Series has the durability and reliability to last. The new battery is compatible with Panasonic’s previous range of dual voltage tools, facilitating easy upgrade for better performance.

In testing with the latest drill and driver, the new battery drilled 120 holes per charge compared to 95 with the 3.3Ah battery. It has also been tested to drive 340 screws, 350 bolts, or cut 80 pieces of wood per charge. 

Panasonic’s new line-up of dual voltage tools, which offers the flexibility of using either a 14.4V or 18V 4.2Ah battery, includes EY74A1LS2G57 drill and driver, EY75A1LS2G57 impact driver, EY75A2LS2G57 impact wrench, EY45A1X57 reciprocating saw and EY78A1LS2G57 rotary hammer. 

When using the 18V application, speed and working capacity increases, while the tool is more light weight and compact using 14.4V. The dual voltage circuit detects the voltage of the attached battery pack to ensure proper current and voltage flows to the tool. 

The 14.4V or 18V models combine high power performance with a compact and lightweight design. Panasonic also offers a range of combo packs for its 14.4V or 18V range to ensure Australian tradespeople have the right tools for the job. 

The range features a Tough Tool IP56 rating thanks to innovative dust and water resistance technology that provides high-level protection, giving tradespeople added peace of mind when using the tools in harsh environments. 

Drill and Drivers

Panasonic’s Drill and Driver models are strong, fast and lightweight, making them ideal for any tough drilling job. Feature highlights of the EY7950LS2S57 hammer drill and driver and the dual voltage EY74A1LS2G57 drill and driver include an overheat protection system, designed to reduce the likelihood of the motor burning up when the tool is overloaded; a built-in intelligent heat control system that acts as a countermeasure against heat so users can maintain powerful operating speeds; 18-stage clutch plus drill position; 13mm heavy-duty keyless chuck; and variable speed control/reversible. 

Impact Tools

Featuring the 18V EY75A1LS2G57 impact drivers, 18V EY75A2LS2G57 impact wrenches, 14.4V EY75A1LS2F57 impact drivers and 14.4V EY75A2LS2F57 impact wrenches, the Panasonic dual voltage impact tools range delivers increased performance by widening the angle of the hammer rotation, creating superior driving force. 

Feature highlights include an ergonomic design for easy handling in narrow spaces; soft grip for greater comfort; a hybrid switch, which combines a mechanical and electronic switch; a brushless motor that guarantees a longer lifespan; Tough Tool IP rating; Panasonic’s 4.2Ah Li-ion longer-lasting battery; three speed mode (High/Medium/Low); 70-minute (18V)/ 60-minute (14.4V) charging system; LED light to support work; a belt hook; and three levels of impact power ideal for different applications of screwing or fastening for a clean finish.

Cordless Reciprocating Saws

Panasonic’s high voltage EY45A1X57 reciprocating saw offers high performance cutting with the anti-vibration spring inside the tool absorbing shock for less fatigue. It features an easy blade replacement with a keyless blade clamping system. The blade can be secured by simply pushing it into the tool and can be removed easily by turning the holder collar. This model also offers dual voltage and is backed by the Tough Tool IP rating.

Rotary Hammer Drill & Driver

Powerful and light with a Tough Tool IP rating, the dual voltage EY78A1LS2G57 rotary drill and driver is easy and comfortable to hold and features an excellent cooling and dust proof design for continuous use as well as an SDS-plus bit system. Feature highlights include five torque levels, which can be adjusted according to the hardness of the material or the type of material being fastened; high speed concrete drilling using an air type, cup piston method hammer; an LED light for greater visibility; and a shoulder strap.