Panasonic Australia has enhanced its high-quality Drill and Driver, Reciprocating Saw, Rotary Hammer and Impact Power Tools line-up by introducing the first ever dual voltage series.

Products now have the flexibility of using either a 14.4V or 18V battery.

Panasonic’s impressive new line-up features five dual voltage models - EY74A1LR2F57 Drill and Driver, EY75A1LR2G57 Impact Driver, EY75A2LR2G57 Impact Wrench, EY45A1X57 Reciprocating Saw and the EY78A1LR2G57 Rotary Hammer.

They provide enhanced power, speed and flexibility.

The 18V sees speed and working capacity increased, while the 14.4V tool is more light weight and compact.

To ensure proper current and voltage flows to the tool, the dual voltage circuit detects the voltage of the attached battery pack.

Power performance and a compact, lightweight design are attributes of both the 14.4V and 18V models. Panasonic is also offering a range of combo packs to ensure Australian tradespeople have the right tools for the job.

Panasonic Australia product marketing manager power tools, Mukeshe Desai said,” Panasonic always strives to develop intelligent power tools that meet the needs of demanding professional tradespeople.  The new dual voltage range offers greater flexibility with greater speed using the 18V; or light weight handling using the 14.4V.”

The new range of power tools all feature Tough Tool IP56 rating thanks to the innovative dust and water resistance technology that provides high-level protection. The Tough Tool IP rating is earned after tools have undergone rigorous testing criteria set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

All of the power tools now come with Panasonic’s 3.3AH Cobolt Li-ion batteries. The battery packs feature improved air ventilation enabling the heat inside the pack to exhaust quicker and a redesigned let-down detachment mode that makes the battery easier to use and remove.