Panasonic Australia  introduces a new range of inverter air conditioners featuring a stylish design, enhanced technology and smart features for greater cooling comfort this summer.

The ECONAVI reverse cycle deluxe inverter series combines an air conditioner and air purifier in a single unit. Panasonic’s reverse cycle air conditioners feature the new Nanoe-G, an active air purifying system that eliminates unwanted airborne particles and surface based particles, removing 99% of airborne bacteria, viruses and mould as well as deactivating 99% of viruses and bacteria on surfaces for a cleaner, healthier home.

The range also features Demand Response technology, which allows energy suppliers to remotely lower device energy consumption when the community is experiencing peak electrical loads. 

ECONAVI reverse cycle deluxe inverter air conditioners incorporate a range of advanced features for smarter operation, more user convenience, greater user comfort and easy maintenance.

Panasonic’s Inverter technology makes constant adjustments to provide optimum performance at all times. This extremely precise operation enables quick cooling when needed while reducing power consumption compared to conventional non-inverter units.

Key features of ECONAVI reverse cycle air conditioners:
  • ECONAVI technology uses area search, absence detection and low activity detection to moderate temperature
  • Smart sunlight detection feature detects sunlight intensity and adjusts cooling power accordingly
  • Autocomfort mode increases cooling with increased activity in the room
  • Autocomfort and ECONAVI functions can be selected easily using the remote control
  • Mild Dry Cooling feature helps prevent rapid decrease in air moisture while maintaining the set temperature for more comfort
  • Mild Dry Cooling reduces unwanted side effects such as dry mouths, throats or skin
  • Industry leading operating range from -15ºC up to 46ºC to cover harsh Australian temperatures
  • Stylishly clean, slimline look
  • Ventless intake grill makes the units easier to clean
The new Panasonic air conditioners are available from all leading air conditioning dealers.