Panasonic Corporation has opened a new cloud-based showcase at its corporate showroom in Tokyo to offer comprehensive information on the company, its offerings and its vision for the future.

Called Wonder Life-BOX 2020, the showcase in the Panasonic Center Tokyo is designed as an exhibition space to present Panasonic’s vision for a quality lifestyle in 2020 utilising cloud technologies, and embodying the company’s brand slogan, ‘A Better Life, A Better World’.

The Wonder Life-BOX 2020 will open to the public on Saturdays, Sundays and Japanese holidays beginning June 7.

The Wonder Life-BOX 2020 will feature:

A new lifestyle with ‘Lifestyle Concierge’ that provides services optimised for each individual and each family member through ‘smart’ analysis of three types of data on the cloud: sound, image and energy.

A new lifestyle for 2020 in which community and social services are incorporated in collaboration with business partners of the company.

While offering the latest information via the Wonder Life-BOX 2020 showcase, Panasonic will develop new business partners and establish new business models based on feedback from customers who have experienced first-hand the future lifestyles in the showcase.

The showcase will feature products that cover all aspects of modern living including home security, interactive kitchens, smart screens for the living areas, digital mirror for the bathroom as well as sleep solutions.