Panasonic has added a new cordless sealing gun to its range of cordless power tools, said to be the only piece of equipment of its type on the market.

“Today, with many offices and apartments constructed of concrete slabs, gaps need to be caulked as part of the job for acoustic and fire prevention reasons,” says Quentin Satchwell, product manager, power tools, Panasonic. “Panasonic is offering the only battery-operated cordless sealing gun available with features designed for a professional-looking job, as well as a design that reduces the fatigue of this repetitive task.”

The 7.2V EY3654CQ cordless sealing gun accepts sealants in both cartridge and sausage form, up to 600ml. It replaces the tiring ‘pump’ system with electric operation that allows the user to extrude material evenly without fatigue - they just put their finger on the trigger and push. A drip prevention mechanism means that the plunger pulls back as soon as the hand is removed from the trigger for clean, finished work.

Source: Building Products News.