Melbourne retail store, Jetty Surf, has installed a 103-inch Full High Definition (FHD) Plasma Display Panel from Panasonic Australia in its flagship Bourke Street store in Melbourne.

The 103-inch Panasonic Plasma display panel provides a high-impact display through leading edge panel technologies, delivering images in 1080p Full HD, with the equivalent of 4,096 gradation steps.

Craig King, General Manager at General Pants, explained that Jetty Surf chose to install the Panasonic Plasma display panel in order to set the flagship store apart from competitors with a bold statement, while also offering a flexible way of displaying a wide range of high impact content - from brand messages including surfing competitions and Jetty Surf sponsorships, to retail messages such as promotions and products.

According to Craig King the Plasma display panel is the perfect tool to engage the customers of Jetty Surf in an entertaining way, while creating a relaxed, fun atmosphere that appeals to the young target audience.

Panasonic’s Plasma technology is suitable for displaying the fast-moving surfing action in crisp detail and true to life colour, as a result of its moving image resolution and contrast.

Live surf feeds from Bondi, Bells and Manly beaches are also streamed to the Plasma display panel to enhance the in-store atmosphere and create a relevant brand message. Jetty Surf sponsors several surfing competitions and Australian surfers, and uses the Plasma display panel to broadcast these competitions.

As a digital communication tool, Jetty Surf has found it to be more effective than static displays. The Plasma display panel is installed on the right-hand wall about 10 metres into the store, located strategically to catch the eye of casual passers by, to attract passing trade by taking advantage of the sheer size of the panel.

The multimedia content can be rapidly and cost-effectively updated in real time through dedicated software applications. For example, messages can be quickly changed over a network so they can be altered for different times of the day or different customer segments, or for training staff. The content is changed to complement the energy level desired at a particular time of day. For example, King chooses content to create a more relaxed atmosphere earlier in the day and shifts to fast moving content for a more energetic mood in the afternoon.