With the weather warming up in the southern states, we look forward to outdoor entertaining. Alfresco dining is especially popular in the summer months and to delineate the space between indoors and outdoors, wide opening doors are on the wish-list for many homeowners. Great outdoor spaces that are visible through glass give the feeling of increased living space. Sophisticated lift-slide doors are the perfect fit.

Lift-slide sliding doors lift up first – as the name implies – before you slide them wide open. This feature allows the doors to seal perfectly when closed, providing the highest energy efficiency and security. Double layers of seals ensure these doors are airtight and draft-free, improving comfort and sound protection, and decreasing energy bills. A turn of the handle is all that is needed to operate even large and heavy double or triple glazed doors easily and smoothly.

Paarhammer lift-slide sliding doors

As every home is unique, there are many different configurations available to choose from. Keeping in mind that Paarhammer lift-slide sliding doors are custom made, these doors can be more than 3m high and 18m wide. Multiple doors are used in a stacker door arrangement, and corner sliders are also available without the need for a corner post.

All of these can be operated manually, and some configurations can be automated to open and close with the push of a button, while a night vent allows for fresh air while locked safely.

Made in Australia to your specifications, from local timbers and Australian made double or triple glazing, Paarhammer lift-slide sliding doors can be ordered in the sophisticated Architectural Timber Range, the low maintenance Wood-Alu Range, or Bushfire Safe Range, all popular choices for house designs incorporating indoor/outdoor living. Accessories include motorisation, timber flyscreen doors or retractable screens.

Just imagine – access to the BBQ area, trampoline or vegie patch – what better way than to have lift-slide sliding doors to reveal a wide opening leading into the great outdoors. Perfect for entertaining, when groups of people are moving between the rooms of your home and the alfresco area. And perfect when the doors are open on quieter days, the breeze can enter and the backyard feels like an extension of the home. 

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