It is not enough to produce sustainable products from sustainable materials, the manufacturing process and facility have to fit in with the overall ideology at Paarhammer. When building the new factory 3 years ago several sustainable features were included:

Light Management: An automatic monitor dims lights or turns them off depending on natural light levels at each workplace. This results in better and constant light to work in for staff and reduced energy consumption.

Water saving: Water from the large roof area is collected in huge water tanks and used to establish and water shade trees and ground covers around the factory, including native species.

Waste Management: All sawdust and off cuts are compressed into wood briquettes. These are used to fuel a hydronic heating system, which heats the offices, showroom, spraybooth and laminating area of the factory; the rest are sold locally in spud boxes of around 700-800 kilo each. About 4 tonnes of briquettes are produced every week, using around 32m³ of waste material, thereby reducing landfill by around 1600 cubic metres per year.

For not only sustainable products, but a truly sustainable philosophy, call Paarhammer for your windows and doors.