The Ballarat company iGlass has again developed world leading technology with three new intelligent glass options: Sun Shade for variable solar control, Sun Stop for intuitive self-tinting, and Privacy from opaque to transparent. Paarhammer clients can choose to use iGlass glazing systems to control privacy, heat transfer, visible light, glare and UV penetration.

Sun Shade has specifically been developed as smart control for sustainable buildings. The glazing system features electrochromic chemicals between two conductive glass sheets. When low voltage is applied, ions start to migrate, which causes a transformation from clear to tinted. Changing from light to dark reduces transmission of solar radiation, hence provides shade and heat protection, resulting in a comfortable indoor climate while reducing energy costs.

Sun Shade can be controlled on demand or using external sensors. Included with the Sun Shade installation is a 360-degree weather station, which is attached to the external façade of your building. The weather station informs the Sun Shade window panes of the daily weather patterns. 

Sun Stop in windows, doors or facades respond intuitively to the environment by self-tinting when it gets hot. The laminated glass uses special thermochromic technology, which allows windows to darken when the sun becomes more intensive. This glass is designed to help manage the building’s changing needs for passive solar heat gain and natural light.

iGlass partnered with world leading scientists from the CSIRO and Australian Universities to develop Privacy. PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology is developed using Nano-scale chemistry and advanced manufacturing technologies.

Privacy glass is controlled by an electrical current passing through the conductive surface via a transformer and electrical connector. When the current flows, the glass becomes clear. When the current is switched off, the glass returns to the opaque mode to achieve privacy. iGlass Privacy is a multilayered technology and is certified to Grade A Safety glass complying to AS 2208.

iGlass create glass products to be responsive, intuitive and intelligent, responding to touch, switch, motion, voice and light. Paarhammer have used iGlass switchable glass technology for many years mostly in entrance doors and bathroom windows and the new varieties of glass offer far wider options with the possibility of eliminating curtains or blinds.

iGlass is exported to 52 countries worldwide but manufactured in Australia from Australian glass and film. Should you wish to integrate iGlass into windows and doors of your next residential or commercial project, please contact Paarhammer on 03 5368 1999.