External hinged doors with a level threshold that stops drafts would be the ideal in many situations. No door draft stoppers - or fabric door snakes - just a perfect level seal to keep out drafts, noise and water. This is now possible with the new magnetic threshold.

How does it work? When the door is closed, 2 double seals with silicone contact in the threshold are automatically attracted to the 2 magnetic strips at the bottom of the door. The seals come up from the level threshold, meet the magnets, and seal the bottom of the door. When the door is opened the magnetic field is broken, and the seals drop back into the threshold, making it a level surface. There are no mechanics, hence no wear, and the magnetic double seal comes with a 20-year guarantee on the magnetic force.

Paarhammer entrance doors, French doors, and tilt & turn doors can now feature a new aluminium threshold, which provides total accessibility with barrier free magnetic double seals.

Doors with this new threshold are suitable for, and desirable in, residential homes, and also hotels, nursing homes and hospitals. There is no risk of stumbling and they are suitable for wheelchair access.

Barrier-free accessibility means easy traffic movement between spaces, and incorporating style, great design and modern technology, all while achieving energy efficiency with thermal insulation.

Accessibility for all is now easy to achieve and provides the latest in building aesthetics.

See how it works in a short video.