A new study by CSR Viridian Consumer Research reveals that access to natural light is an important requirement for people buying, building or renovating homes.

When asked what their aspirations were for their new or renovated homes, the respondents listed area, light, room and space as some of their requirements.

Light inside the home is more valued than ever before with residents taking advantage of the building’s orientation for energy efficiency, including views and inviting nature into their homes, and enjoying free-flowing spaces.

Increased levels of natural daylight aid Vitamin D and serotonin levels in the human body, both of which support mental, spiritual and physical health, while depression, anxiety and ill-health are the consequences of reduced levels of natural light.

Windows are the primary entry point for natural light in any living space; the size of the windows would, therefore, impact the amount of light entering the room.

Getting the window size, location and specification right is critical to maintaining the desired comfort levels in the home. Glass selection should be preceded by due consideration of all variables including balancing the benefits of natural light with the side effects of heat gain, heat loss and glare. These elements can be controlled with shading techniques such as external Venetian blinds, proper window placement and orientation, and the use of energy-efficient glass.

Using ordinary single glazing on large windows will leak too much heat and won’t meet the compliance requirements of energy regulations. Small windows are typically used on 6 Star houses to get a higher energy star rating. However, homeowners can still choose larger windows for their homes using double or even triple glazing to achieve the same 6 Star rating or even higher, while ensuring light, views and a sense of space.

The CSR Viridian research underlines the importance of well-placed windows in maximising the entry of natural light in a home, and contributing to the well-being of the residents.

Paarhammer double and triple glazed windows and doors have been setting the benchmark in energy efficiency in Australia for over two decades.