Imports of building material have been on the rise in Australia in recent years, but has the worldwide Architects Declare movement shone a light on the product of local manufacturers in the respective regions of members?

The aim of Architects Declare is to consider the overall impact to the environment when designing structures of tomorrow. Confirming the sources of raw materials, manufacturing methods, and reducing the travelling distance of construction items all impact the overall footprint of each project. Local job growth and the continuing development of skills in Australia are also important considerations.

The range of products still produced in Australia is considerable, with knowledge and skills developed over many years through formal education, on the job training and the sharing of valuable experience by tradesmen and craftsmen. Not to mention that building products made in Australia have the advantage of being tailored for Australian conditions, are tested and approved, and comply with Australian Standards.

Imported products might be cheaper in some cases, but evidence suggests that documentation which states compliance with Australian Standards may be unreliable or even fraudulent.

When buying Australian-made products made from sustainably sourced Australian timber and with Australian manufactured glass, in factories with light, water and waste management systems, by staff trained and employed in Australia, you are voting for a better future.

You can put into practice the positive impact of Architects Declare and reduce CO2 emissions by using locally made building products.

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