ELEKTRA DM20 floor heating systems from P.A.P. Heating Solutions are ideal for heating reptile enclosures.

ELEKTRA DM20 are quick response floor heating systems and they can be used as the primary heating system in circumstances where the room or enclosure has effective thermal insulation. This form of heating is also widely used in bathrooms because it keeps towels and floors dry and free of mould and makes the bathroom floor warm to walk on.

The design of the ELEKTRA DM20 incorporates a single sided power supply which is controlled by an electronic thermostat. P.A.P. Heating Solutions recommend that heating in reptile enclosures should be between 200 to 220W per metre squared. This of course would depend on the particular requirements of the enclosure.

These floor heating systems can be installed under flooring surfaces that radiate heat easily and these include tile, slate, stone and some wooden floor panels. The heating cables should be spaced at between 80 to 100 mm and covered with a layer of some sort of self levelling compound at a depth of 6-8 mm for protection of the animals.

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