Plant propagation heating systems from P.A.P. Heating Solutions are simple to install, are cost effective to run and have been proven to aid the growth of plants.

These soil heating systems have a number of useful benefits. These include:

  • Yields healthier plants
  • Increased yields
  • Plant growth can be sped up
  • Extends the planting season

Heating cables form the basis of these systems and the amount of energy required to power these cables depends on the type of plants as well as the type of plant bench being used. The most widely used are the 10W/m power cables and these should effectively provide a power of 60 to 70W per metre squared.

Applications of these plant propagation heating systems include:

  • To heat plant beds to propagate fruit and flower seedlings
  • To speed up the growth of vegetables

P.A.P. Heating Solutions are available to advise the customer on the most appropriate cable and temperature to use for their particular propagation needs.