The Elektra in-floor heating mat*, available from P.A.P. Heating Solutions , is a twin cable on a fibreglass mat with a single sided power supply and is thermostat controlled.

P.A.P. Heating Solutions’ Elektra in-floor heating mats may be used under any type of floor suitable for heating; i.e. under any floor, which radiates heat easily, such as floor tiles, slate, low pile carpet or some wooden floor panels.

They are fixed directly to a prepared floor in a screed of self levelling compound or a cement-based screed. At 0.5m wide and available in lengths from 2m to 16m they can be easily shaped to suit the floor layout. No special tools are required.

An Elektra in-floor heating mat is an effective system of room heating and if the room has effective thermal insulation may be used as the primary heating system.

This ‘quick response’ form of heating is ideal for tiled bathrooms, ensuites and toilets, providing warmth underfoot. Towels are kept dry and tiled areas free of mould.

  • Simple to install
  • Provides comfortable heat
  • Economical and safe
  • Easily shaped to suit room layout

*Note: Electrical work must be carried out by a licensed electrician and the power supply must have earth leakage protection, such as a safety switch. An electronic thermostat 4 event clock with floor sensing probe for efficient temperature control is supplied with the Elektra heating mat.