The RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems from Ozzi Kleen use a non-septic, aerobic process to treat wastewater.

The aerobic process used by RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems keeps organic matter or waste oxygenated, keeping the bacteria found in waste alive. These aerobic bacteria are very aggressive in feeding on the waste, which is a high energy food source. A

ll waste enters the single tank where oxygen is circulated via an aerator. Upon aeration, the waste is allowed to settle and the treated water is decanted and stored within the tank in the effluent holding compartment. When this compartment is full, a float switch is triggered and irrigation begins.

Benefits of RP10 domestic wastewater treatment systems are:

  • Odourless, completely aerobic, non-septic system
  • Common household cleaners can be used and will not affect the system’s performance
  • Antibiotics can be used
  • Simple to install
  • Economical to operate
  • Durable