Ozzi Kleen Water & Waste Water  are working towards easing Australia’s water shortage with the Ozzi Kleen Sewage Treatment System, which recycles waste water and enables it to be reused. The Ozzi Kleen sewage treatment system is an environmentally friendly option for rural/residential areas that not connected to mains sewerage.

The Ozzi Kleen sewage system is a single lightweight roto-moulded (no seams or joins) tank which is easy to install and cost efficient to run. The Ozzi Kleen sewage system technology uses oxygen to digest all organic waste from kitchens, toilets, laundries, showers, baths and sinks. No septic processes are required for this fully aerobic treatment system, which means no septic odours are emitted.

The Ozzi Kleen sewage system is designed as a household version of modern town and city council treatment plants, and can cope with normal use of all household cleaners. Anything that enters the system is treated to produce a nutrient rich, clear effluent with no unpleasant smells, for gardens, lawns and trees.