Ozzikleen  offers one of the effective, efficient and environmentally friendly non-septic sewerage systems. Ozzikleen offers domestic wastewater treatment system, marine wastewater treatment system, grey water treatment system, underground rainwater tank, above ground rainwater tank, commercial wastewater treatment system and transportable treatment plants. The domestic wastewater treatment system from Ozzikleen uses fully aerobic process in order to treat wastewater.

The grey water treatment system from Ozzikleen enables homes connected to the town sewerage infrastructure to finally reclaim what once was lost down the drain. The grey water treatment system treats only grey water that makes it available for use on garden or reuse back through the toilet for flushing. The marine wastewater treatment system are available to treat black as well as grey water either with the help of saltwater flush toilet systems or freshwater toilet flush systems.

The WT5300 above ground rainwater tank from Ozzikleen is made from one of the highest quality food grade polyethylene. The WT5300 from Ozzikleen are easy to install, can be easily inspected as well as maintained. The WT5300 are also available in different range of colours. The underground rainwater tank from Ozzikleen can be completely buried with only the small motor box exposed above the ground. Number of modules can be fitted together in order to increase the overall capacity.