OZ Turners  and Mulchers offers a new line of semi-automatic, relocatable and affordable bagging machines for packaging applications.  

Oz Bagger available from OZ Turners is suitable for businesses wanting to sell their products in retail in smaller quantities.  

Landscaping materials such as sand, gravel, compost, soil, bark and mulch can be easily filled in 15-35L bags and sealed, enabling easy storage and transport in sedans, utes or wagons.  

Oz Bagger bagging machines will help companies create a whole new market for products that are currently sold only in bulk quantities.  

Oz Bagger packaging machines eliminate the effort and time involved in filling bags manually using shovels with two or more employees. Simple to use, a single operator can comfortably bag and seal up to 4 bags per minute without strain.  

Oz Bagger semi-automatic bagging machines employ a volumetric filling system to ensure all bags are of consistent size and weight before sealing.