Outdoor Structures Australia  provides a wide range of timber and timber/steel bridges for both pedestrian, light vehicle and 44 Tonne rated applications, which include its custom designed product range for each market segment.

The specialty Log Bridges for pedestrian applications can be provided by Outdoor Structures Australia, in spans of up to 8 metres. Bridges that are needed to be longer are generally bridges which are achieved by joining the spans on corbels over piers. Of all the bridges supplied in Australia, come with a deck width of up to 3.0 are considered achievable under most circumstances.

The Sawn Timber De-mountable Bridges which are custom designed and manufactured by Outdoor Structures Australia are suited to remote bush tracks where every item must be carried to the site. This product category usually consists of bridges which span of up to 5 metres (6 metres with the Barup truss option).

Outdoor Structures Australia has designed and developed a range of Steel Truss Bridges to meet the vast variety of consumer demands as well as the accompanying applications with spans of up to 26 metres with timber decking and options for handrails and steel finish.