The Australasian distributor for out fit Outdoor Gym Equipment - Island Recreation believes that there is a good future for outdoor gym equipment in Australian and New Zealand public parks and high schools.

Brian Chapman, the Director of Island Recreation said there are distributors in every state of Australia and in New Zealand and that is after only six months of introducing the concept to Australia.

The outdoor gym equipment are marketed as Out fit outdoor gym equipment and if required free spare parts are available for the first year after installation.

Brian Chapman said that where outdoor gym equipment has been installed they have been popular.

“We have been supplying and installing outdoor gym equipment over the last six months from Townsville to Hobart and have received positive comments from everywhere. There are also many positive comments about the social interaction experienced with other users,” says Brian Chapman.

Island Recreation is keen to encourage all governments to take up the challenge to install outdoor gym equipment to help offset the Australia's obesity problems.

Outdoor gym equipment provides free access to exercise equipment for everyone over 5 years of age. All outdoor gym equipment are designed to exercise the major muscle groups and be fun at the same time.

There are seventeen outdoor gym equipment items to choose from and all offer a challenge for the user.

“We have heard that adults wanting to have a turn on outdoor gym equipment have to persuade children using it to move over so they can get their own turn. An eighty year old performing activities which they couldn't do the week before is good to see,” said Brian Chapman.