Island Recreation  supplies a highly comprehensive range of outdoor gym equipment. The products offered by Island Recreation under this category include riders, elliptical cross trainers, air walkers, surf boarders, hip twisters, massagers, quad spinners, lateral pull downs, shoulder presses, dippers, waist and back stretchers, ab boards, multi function trainers, treadmills, weight lifts, leg presses and tweaking waist steppers. Island Recreation also supplies notice boards, for use in public places.

Suitable under surfacing improves safety aspects while using outdoor gym and playground equipment from Island Recreation. Under surfacing soft fall material supplied by Island Recreation is stated to be guaranteed and is certified as being compliant with Australian playground standards. Island Recreation provides a choice of two alternatives in under surfacing material. The choices offered by Island Recreation are ‘island soft fall’ and rubber under surfacing. Island soft fall from Island Recreation is a natural fibre playground material, over which raking or digging is not recommended. Rubber under surfacing is supplied by Island Recreation in the form of anti theft mats. Rubber under surfacing from Island Recreation is recommended for use under swings and slide run outs.