Gen2Focus machine roomless elevators have been specifically developed for use in residential apartment buildings.

The Gen2Focus machine roomless elevator system from Otis Elevator Co offers extremely quiet operation due to the coated steel belts and the innovative Gen2 operating system.

The machine roomless elevators feature completely original hoisting technology. This technology features flexible and lightweight reinforced steel belts covered in a robust polyurethane jacket, requiring no lubrication and improving traction. The belts have a life span two to three times longer and weigh 20% less than traditional ropes.

The Gen2 machine roomless elevators display Otis’ commitment to develop environmentally-friendly products. The entire elevator system, including disc brakes, belts and gearless machine, does not require grease or oil and the synchronous permanent magnet machine is extremely efficient.

The smart product design of the machine roomless lifts and the efficient installation process minimises impact to other building construction and trades.

A door operator with variable speed AC control offers a smooth and comfortable ride, while a controller with variable frequency drive utilises new technology that ultimately improves reliability of the machine roomless elevator and provides a smoother ride.