Otis Elevator Co  introduce the 606 NCT Trav-o-lator moving walkway that is durable, reliable and safe for passengers.

Due to the high volume of users, the Otis 606 NCT Trav-o-lator has been designed to satisfy certain commercial criteria in that it has to be quiet and without vibration.

The Trav-o-lator moving walkway features tapered deflectors to prevent objects from entering the handrail entry box (a design unique to OTIS) and the balustrade, with an ideal 1000mm height at landings, is constructed of 10mm thick safety glass. Additionally, the low transition angle of the comb has been specially designed for smooth and safe transport of shopping carts and trolleys. The gap between the pallet and skirt panel is less than that required by global codes, this ensures passengers a safe ride.

The Otis 606 NCT moving walkway uses a variable frequency technology to meet the different loading patterns. With this power saving device, the speed and output of the Trav-o-lator can be adjusted according to detected pedestrian traffic flows.