DULUX D ES lamps from OSRAM Australia can help to reduce energy consumption by up to 10%. These lamps can be fitted to existing systems that have conventional control gear, meaning that the installation of a completely new lighting system is not necessary.

Benefits and properties of these DULUX D ES lamps include:

  • High efficiency: 16 W and 23 W versions replace OSRAM DULUX D 18 W and 26 W in indoor applications
  • Energy and cost savings of up to 10% lower lamp power
  • Fast re-lamping: simple and direct replacement thanks to the identical base
  • Average life of up to 10,000 hours
  • Wattages 16W and 23W
OSRAM DULUX D 18W and 26W lamps can be used for existing indoor lighting systems. These lamps are not suitable for outdoor lighting.