Available from OSRAM Australia , the new range of LED LUXPOINT MINI recessed downlights has arrived and fully meets the high demands in commercial and residential lighting applications. These LED downlights offer a true replacement for traditional 50W Halogen dichroic MR16 downlights.

The range of LUXPOINT MINI recessed LED downlights uses the COINlight Power LED light engine, which is intelligently designed with 7 high power LEDs to ensure high brightness with optimum efficiency. The COINlight Power LED light engine is what gives the LED LUXPOINT MINI range of downlights its sophisticated thermal design to ensure a long lifetime and the high lumen maintenance.

The range consists of two colour temperatures; warm white (3000 K) and cool white (4000 K). The LED downlights are also available with two different beam spreads of 30º and 60º that are identical to standard halogen beam angles, enabling the LED downlights to cater to the same wide range of lighting applications that 50W halogen does. These features really make this a “true” genuine replacement for standard 50W Halogen downlights.

The impressive COINlight Power light engine coupled with the clean matt white finish which blends in seamlessly with white ceilings, and with up to 70% energy savings, the LUXPOINT MINI range is the complete package. It is a win win for environment and energy bills.

Product features of the LUXPOINT MINI recessed LED downlights includes:

  • Extra long life of up to 30,000hrs 
  • Low power consumption of 15W 
  • Up to 70% energy saving compared with standard 50W Halogen downlights 
  • True replacement of traditional 50W MR16 recessed downlights and
  • spot-light luminaires 
  • Available in two light colours – Warm White 3000K and Cool White 4000K 
  • Available in two beam angles 30º and 60º. Narrow beam angle is ideal for spot lighting, while wider angle is ideal for larger area illumination. 
  • High lumen output: 3000K version = 700lm, 4000K version = 750lm 
  • Simple and easy to install 
  • Perfectly matched OSRAM OPTOTRONIC drivers available
These LED downlights are ideal for orientation and accent lighting in hotels, corridors, meeting rooms, restaurants, and shops as well as home lighting.