OSRAM Australia has released a range of motorcycle headlamps which aim to improve the safety of motorcyclists by providing a higher quality light. The Night Racer headlamps are a powerful 55 watts each and produce low emissions. Their design is not only practical and safe, but attractive, with a silver cap and blue coated bulb. OSRAM Australia understands that good lighting is crucial to motorcyclists.

The Night Racer series feature compact filaments which produce up to 90% more light on the road and up to 35 metres longer than standard lights. Obstacles can clearly be identified from a further distance making the Night Racer not only practical, but safe too as it allows riders to react quicker, even in high speed situations. The patented blue ring coating helps to reduce glare in foggy situations, and the bulb is 10% whiter so the risk of eyestrain is reduced.

There are two headlamps available in the Night Racer series. Both have been approved for use on public roads and feature a distinctive silver cap and blue ring coating. The H4 64193 NR motorcycle headlamp is 55 watts and 12 volts, but has been tested to 13.2 volts. The base is P43t and it has an ECE approval of E1. The H& 64210 NR motorcycle headlamp is also 55 watts and 12 volts, and has been tested to 13.2 volts. The base is PX26d and it has a ECE approval of E1.