Tables form a major component of workplace design. A typical workplace requires a diverse range of tables, each table type performing a specific but important function.

Workplace tables can include meeting tables for brainstorming ideas, boardroom tables for important management meetings, dining tables for the staff, coffee tables for the reception or lounge areas, bar tables for workplace entertaining, and multipurpose utility tables that can be pulled out for any occasion from training to special events.

Meeting Tables

A typical day in most offices begins at the meeting table where key personnel come together to review their work, ideate and discuss plans. The meeting table provides a large flat surface to place a tablet or laptop, take notes on a notepad, spread out papers or just put down your coffee mug. Meeting tables can be small or large depending on the size of the room or the number of people using them.

Boardroom Tables

Conference rooms are usually reserved for important meetings organised by the management with clients or staff. A boardroom or conference table should ideally be a large statement piece and designed to impress, considering that such meetings can be as much about style as substance. With technology playing a vital part in board meetings and conferences, a boardroom table should be integrated with power points to charge devices, conferencing systems and digital media equipment among others.

Kitchen Tables

A private dining space is essential in any office for the staff to relax, share a meal or have coffee during their breaks. Ideally, the table should be practical and sturdy that can stand up to the rigours of daily use and spills from food and drink.

Coffee Tables

Ideal for reception, lobby or lounge areas, coffee tables serve as an informal meeting spot for the staff. Also a great addition to a manager's office or meeting room, the coffee table with its low height won't overwhelm a room while providing a surface for drinks, snacks, magazines and more.

Bar Tables

An excellent idea for in-house workplace entertaining, a few bar tables placed around a courtyard, balcony or foyer will create the perfect environment for informal discussions over a drink.

Utility Tables

A utility table serves multiple functions in an office from training sessions to product displays or even special events. Designed for portability, utility tables can be pulled out when needed and packed away at other times. Folding or trestle tables have legs that collapse down flat for easy storage in the minimum amount of space. Flip tables have legs on castors that stay vertical while the table top levers to match, ready to be rolled out of the way.

Workplace Tables

Create a coordinated look across your office interiors with tables that match other furniture, or add unique statement pieces for maximum impact. Tables designed for the workplace are made from durable materials for a sophisticated and professional look. Talk to the furniture experts at OSA - Office Supplies Australia about your table needs.