Recently opened Queensland Tennis Centre was constructed with an Ortech Roof/Ceiling System from Ortech Industries . The installation of approximately 5000sqm of ceiling area was completed with the use of the Ortech Durra Lifting frame. Majority of the construction occurred on ground level.

Ortech Industries presented a high performance engineered acoustic roof/ceiling system solution that was specifically designed for the project. The Ortech Roof/Ceiling system reduced break-out noise and delivered internal reverberation control for the 5500 seat international-standard centre court.

The Durra Lifting frame is used to install ceiling modules up to approximately 100sqm in a short period of time. The Durra Lifting Frame saved time, reduced costs, and improved on-site safety during the construction process. Fast installation of the ceiling without the need for slow and expensive scaffolding ensured the safe and rapid flow of trades below.

The ceiling system comprised of Durra Panel Soundsorb, perforated corrugated finish, which included a 50mm thick Durra panel as a trafficable mass barrier and a 75mm absorber cassette. The absorber cassette contained an insulation faced with an 11% open area corrugated Colourbond perforated finish. The panels were supported by Durra steel purlin sections spaced at 1200mm centres which were powder coated white to the exposed bottom flanges to complement the Durra Panel finish. The overall aesthetic appeal is clean and sharp with a modern edge.

Ortech Roof/Ceiling system is a lightweight acoustic solution, which is safe, quick, and easy to install, it also proved to be an innovative and lightweight acoustic solution; Rw 52 and sound absorption NRC 0.9.