Durra Building Kits from Ortech Industries are designed as a complete package, keeping in mind simplicity, low cost and quality. A range of bungalows, made from environmentally friendly Durra Panel from Ortech Industries, can be are available for viewing.

These bunglows known as Ortech Bungalows are ideal for temporary or even permanent accommodations and in situations when quality housing is needed at a low cost.

Majority of materials in the Durra Building Kits from Ortech Industries are pre-cut and flat packaged straight to site. Durra Building Kits from Ortech Industries are fast and simple to install. These building kits can be erected using only basic hand tools, and are thus highly suitable for the DIY market and for remote locations.
Durra Building Kits from Ortech Industries feature a combination of Durra Panel with Durra Steel Beams, thus providing a flexible modular building system. This system is quickly built (5 days for a 36sqm unit) and is highly durable (for over 40 years).

Completed housing units made of Durra Building Kits from Ortech Industries are aesthetic, fire resistant and have high noise and thermal insulation qualities.

Ortech Industries has developed a number of housing floor plans using Durra Building Kits, which have received official accreditation as suitable for use in mass housing programs.