Orrcon Steel has introduced MAXI-TUBE pre-coated steel tube sections for use in corrosive environments.

Manufactured in Australia by Orrcon Steel, the new zinc-alloy coated MAXI-TUBE provides exceptional corrosion resistance for tubular steel products used near marine and corrosive industrial environments.

Mr Lester Kirkwood, National Sales and Marketing Manager of Orrcon Steel explains that the MAXI-TUBE reflects Orrcon’s pursuit of continuous innovation and desire to offer its customers solutions to corrosion issues and sustainability.

Suitable for a wide range of steel tube and pipe applications where corrosion resistance is required, Orrcon MAXI-TUBE pre-coated steel tube sections offer a high quality barrier to corrosion with independent studies indicating that MAXI-TUBE provides at least 50% greater corrosion resistance than traditional batch hot-dip galvanised steel.

Key benefits of Orrcon MAXI-TUBE pre-coated steel tube sections include suitability for coastal, industrial, intensive farming, food processing and infrastructure applications; lower lifecycle and maintenance costs compared to galvanised products; can be successfully welded, painted and powdercoated; lead times reduced by eliminating steps from the traditional batch HDG process; coating 2.5 times harder than zinc for superior scratch resistance; lower carbon footprint due to reduced manufacturing processes and longer product life; and aesthetically pleasing with zero spangle and smooth satin finish.

Orrcon Steel also offers a warranty of up to 25 years for MAXI-TUBE depending on the environment and the application in which the product will be used. For the first time in Australia, a defined warranty is available for tubular steel products in areas less than 1km from marine and coastal environments.