Providing power to crucial equipment in remote locations for industrial, telecom and security applications, Carmanah DuraGEN solar power systems supplied by Orion Solar are complete, stand-alone solar power supplies.

These solar power systems are shipped as a complete, ready to install system, including:

  • a solar module
  • array cabling (and junction box if the system includes more than one module)
  • side pole mount hardware
  • enclosure
  • control panel with solar controller
  • batteries; and
  • battery cabling.
Default battery types include 105 Ah and 150 Ah varieties.

DuraGEN solar power supplies are built to tough standards, and are designed to function in extreme climates and environments, with reliable performance in ambient temperatures from -40º to 60º.

Completely self-sufficient, these solar power systems are suitable as an alternative to hard-wired systems, significantly reducing installation costs and eliminating expensive electrical permits, maintenance fees and ongoing electricity bills.

Enclosures are constructed from powder coated, lightweight aluminium, offering superior corrosion protection for use in H2S and marine environments

DuraGEN solar power engines are suitable for use in:

  • video surveillance
  • security lighting / surveillance
  • Wi-Fi and broadband
  • wireless data
  • valve actuation
  • chemical injection pumping
  • electronic flow measurement
  • cathodic protection; and
  • traffic monitoring.