Orion Solar Pty Ltd  introduces a new range of solar LED lighting systems designed specifically for sun-belt countries including Australia.  

The new EG80 and EG145 solar LED outdoor lights are engineered to prevent theft and vandalism, making them suitable for installation in public and private roadways as well as area lighting applications.  

The solar LED outdoor lights feature adaptive lighting capabilities and simple top-of-pole design that allow the series to deliver leading dollar per kilo-lumen output in the 1500-8500 lumen range.  

The high efficiency luminaires are available in standard IES distribution types II, III, IV, V and flood.  

Key features of EG80 and EG145 solar LED outdoor lights:  

  • Top-of-pole integrated design allows for easy and rapid installation
  • Engineered to prevent theft and vandalism
  • Design is wind load rated to 241 kph with 3 second gusts, protecting the system from extreme weather such as cyclone level winds
  • Ideal for deployment in public and private roadways, and area lighting