Managed by Toowoomba Regional Council, the Hodgsonvale Sports Club, located in a rural area outside of the Queensland town of Toowoomba, lacked lighting for its car park and footpaths, meaning security was a concern. Providing hard wired power was a problem without trenching or the addition of more power poles.

The Council approached Orion Solar Pty Ltd for a solar powered lighting solution that would meet Australian Standards as well as their needs. Orion Solar proposed a solution based upon Carmanah’s EverGEN SE-30 solar powered lighting units with poles and bird deterrent rollers.

By selecting Orion Solar and solar powered lighting no electrical wires had to be laid, therefore electricians were not required for the installation. The running costs of the solar powered lighting will be zero and maintenance will be negligible. The solar powered lighting is provided by LEDs, meaning the lifetime of the units will be up to 25 years. The only maintenance to be expected would be to replace the batteries about once every five years.

With the Carmanah solar powered lighting product from Orion Solar, all batteries, solar panels and electronic controls are enclosed in an attractive pole mounted housing with no ugly ground level boxes to house the batteries.

Hodgsonvale’s new solar powered lighting is environmentally friendly and relying 100% on renewable energy.

Orion’s sales team are visiting the sports club with representatives from other neighbouring Councils so the outlook for EverGEN solar powered lights in SE Queensland is bright.