Available from Orion Solar , the EG off-grid solar LED lighting system is ideal for use on highways, public roadways and toll areas as well as general lighting applications.

The EG500 is a solar LED outdoor street light that is designed as a powerful and cost-effective off-grid lighting solution. It is capable of emitting more than 11,000 lumens for multi-lane highway light levels and is a reliable and robust alternative to traditional AC lighting.

The EG500 solar lighting system features a top-of-pole integrated design which facilitates a quick and trouble free installation and offers superior theft and vandalism protection. It leverages the award-winning design elements of the Carmanah EverGEN 1700 and 1500-series product lines and is capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. The solar LED light features wind load ratings of up to 209 kph (130 mph) with 3 second gusts.

The EG500 solar LED outdoor lighting system is available immediately in standard IES distribution types II, III, IV, V and flood and feature a 3-year limited warranty.

EG500 off-grid solar LED lighting systems are also perfect for use in new facilities where access to the electrical grid requires extensive trenching or the grid connection is difficult or impossible. They can also be used if underground checks and/or permits are costly.

In existing facilities, EG500 solar LED lights can be used if disruption to the site will result in loss of business, if underground wiring or conduit is nearing end of life, or if copper theft and vandalism is a concern.

More information on EG500 off-grid solar LED lighting systems is available from Orion Solar.