The NSW Government has launched a new customer information campaign to promote the uptake of accredited GreenPower products by customers. The campaign is supported by a television commercial and a website.

Origin Energy a large retailer of accredited GreenPower Products has welcomed the new campaign. Accredited GreenPower products are clearly identified as they carry the Green Tick logo that is managed and audited by State Governments.

According to Origin, the Green Tick campaign is designed to give customers in NSW confidence that the GreenPower Products they purchase are fully accredited by the NSW Government. All of Origin’s Green electricity products are fully accredited, but this is not always the case with all retailers, so customers need to be informed.

Only last month, Green Electricity Watch announced that Origin’s GreenEarth Solar and GreenEarth Wind products are the two leading, fully-accredited GreenPower electricity products on the market. This is the third consecutive time that Origin’s Green electricity products lead the way over the products of the other 14 electricity retailers assessed.

According to Origin, not only does it strive to make its product choice affordable, Origin also seeks to educate consumers on how their choice of GreenPower products reduces their impact on the environment. The NSW campaign is seeking to achieve the same outcome.

Origin has also just developed a comprehensive emissions offset program and in conjunction with the Seven Network’s Sunrise program has have launched the Origin Sunrise Cool the Globe Challenge. The Challenge aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions created by Sunrise viewers by 100,000 tonnes by Australia Day 2007.