Origin Energy (Origin) has launched a new Carbon Reduction Scheme offering Australian businesses an effective, efficient and flexible approach to reduce carbon footprint.

Origin, one of the founding members of the Business Roundtable on Climate Change, sees this scheme as a proactive way of helping companies to focus on and effectively manage the reduction and offset of greenhouse gas emissions.

According to Origin,there is a heightened awareness that companies need to take action now to universally reduce the greenhouse gas impact. Origin has the expertise, experience and products to enable them to advise companies on improving energy efficiency, the effective use of lower emission energy and the management of offsets.

The Carbon Reduction Scheme design is based on five key principles, credibility, transparency, affordability, flexibility and effectiveness. It draws on and extends existing mandatory and voluntary frameworks to ensure that participants can use one framework and apply it to national and international operations. The scheme is cost effective, transparent and externally verified.

The Carbon Reduction Scheme also allows business to purchase carbon offsets that are sourced from abatement activities overseas. This is particularly attractive to companies with international operations.

In developing the Carbon Reduction Scheme, Origin sought advice from the Australian Conservation Foundation, St James Ethics Centre and Energetics.

Range of companies already supporting Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme demonstrates its flexibility and appeal. These companies include the National Australia Bank, Transurban, Lend Lease, Insurance Australian Group, Australian Football League, STA Travel and Intrepid Travel.

According to Origin their foundation partners have committed to significantly reduce their carbon impact. Together, Australian business can make a significant contribution to their nation’s carbon reduction targets.

The Carbon Reduction Scheme specifically allows for:

- Verification of voluntary carbon offset products and credits, allowing businesses to participate on both sides of the carbon market
- The offset of emissions from electricity, natural gas and LPG consumption, fleet emissions and air travel
- Businesses to monetise their carbon reductions
- Businesses to create innovative products and services by developing and delivering a wide range of carbon offset products for their customers and
- Extending the reach and impact of reduction opportunities by providing products and services for participating businesses’ staff.

Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme can recognise a range of carbon reduction activities such as energy efficiency projects, renewable energy or low-emission generation, carbon sequestration and industrial abatement like fuel substitution.

Origin’s Carbon Reduction Scheme also provides customers with the certainty that all products on offer meet published and verified standards, particularly in ensuring that carbon credits are retired and cannot be used again.

According to Origin, they can offer Australian business advice, products and services complemented by their expertise in managing the trading, accreditation and compliance aspects of mandatory carbon schemes. Origin sees this as a significant step in encouraging Australian business towards broad-based voluntary carbon reduction.

Origin encourages all organisations and individuals to think about what they can do to reduce their carbon footprint. As green energy provider, Origin always looks for new ways to work together for a sustainable future.