Oppidan  has completed a major renovation project for their clients Tim and Louise Martin and the result was more than what they had ever expected.

In fact, Tim was so satisfied with the end results that he was compelled to put together a detailed reference to point out what sets Oppidan apart in the competitive renovations market:

Oppidan always had clients’ interests at heart:

Tim and Louise Martin quickly grew to trust the advice; the team was giving us on all facets of the project. Recommendations on suppliers and tradesmen to use in addition to how things should be done and what would look good finish wise were invaluable and always made with the clients’ interests in mind.

Attention to detail and quality:

Gavin, Gary and the core group of Oppidan’s regular tradesmen are some of the fussiest, most quality focused people Tim has come across.

Tim knew that he had high expectations but these were exceeded by the standards of those on the job on a daily basis.

A few examples spring to mind: the tilers hand filing the edges on the travertine to get the perfect mitred finish on the corners; Gary sending the kitchen sink back 5 times before he got one he was happy with - and then making the supplier come on site to polish it; Gavin continually spotting small issues Tim would not have noticed. The list could go on.

A can do / no arguments approach:

Inevitably in any big project, things don not always go to plan. On the few occasions where issues did arise, Tim and Louise Martin never felt that they had to push to get things resolved.

They had a quick conversation, agreed the plan and sat back stress free as things were taken care of. The most significant example is the roof - Tim and Louise Martin always knew that the flat design would be a challenge so were not really surprised by the fact that the torrential rain and high winds just after they moved back in resulted in a leak.

A quick phone call with Gary and the commitment and plan was in place to resolve things. No argument needed and now the problem is fixed.

A great relationship with clear and honest communication:

Frequent, open and honest communication was a consistent feature of the experience. Tim and Louise Martin always felt involved, listened to and up to date on what was going on.

There were also good disciplines about monthly cost updates, variation control etc. A big part of what made it a fun experience though simply came down to the fact that the Oppidan team are easy and fun to get on with.

This should not be underestimated given how much time one ends up spending together over the course of a project.