Building a home can be a tricky business.

When you factor in the oft-lengthy process of obtaining council approvals, the complexity of meeting ESD guidelines and the difficulties involved in getting multiple contractors to do timely, high-quality work, it’s no wonder most of us baulk at the task.

Few people have the time, expertise or experience to mastermind the design and construction of a high-end home. That’s where Oppidan Homes enters the picture.

“Our clients are all professionals and business owners,” says Steve Gild, Oppidan’s Director. “None has time to spend on building a home – we take that responsibility and stress away from them.”

With 30 years’ experience building quality homes throughout NSW, Oppidan has the knowledge and the networks to provide a construction to completion service that truly covers all bases.

“We like to get involved with the client, even at the early stages,” says Gild. “We’ll do free site inspections and give advice prior to the client purchasing the land, so our clients make the purchase knowing what the end cost will be.”

No need for time-consuming and costly architect’s plans: “We give you more than an architectural service, for much less money,” Gild asserts. “We also aim to shorten the process, which can be very complex these days.”

With everyone from town planners to interior designers, colour consultants and landscapers on the Oppidan team to prepare documents, fast-track council negotiations, make selections, organise and implement the work, you can rest easily, knowing that the design and construction of your new home is in competent hands.

“We offer the full development process, including council approval, construction, interiors, landscaping and everything else: it’s a one-stop shop,” assures Gild.

And if you’re planning a reconstruction or renovation, Oppidan Homes can streamline that oft-agonising process, too.

“Over the years, we’ve never advertised that we also do major renovations work,” says Gild, “but we realise there’s a big demand for it, so we’re now taking the company in that direction as well.”

Oppidan’s business philosophy is simple. “It’s about honesty – simplifying the process for the client, with as little stress to them as possible,” says Gild, “and ensuring that the end result is what they wanted at the outset.”