The humble window shutter has come a long way in the past century. From security measure, through to light and ventilation control, and sometimes purely a decorative upgrade to a building, the styles, materials, and applications of shutters are constantly evolving. One thing that hasn’t changed – they’re still shutters.

So when is a shutter not a shutter?

As homeowners demand increasingly unique designs and architects seek to push the boundaries of their own concepts further, shutters have adapted to these needs to become a valuable asset to the architect.

One area in particular where shutters have been given a new lease on life, and one of the most popular architectural trends in recent years has been to bring the outside in, or, taking the inside out. Suited perfectly to Australian conditions where the climate affords for year round outdoor living, these areas provide more space, extra liveability and easy access to the outside world.

Blurring the lines between the outside and in, expanding the internal living spaces helps to create a comfortable alfresco area for BBQs and entertaining.

For these unique spaces, timber or aluminium shutters provide the perfect solution, allowing air flow while also providing the required privacy and subtle segregation.

For the architect looking to push the boundaries of what a shutter can do, working with a manufacturer with the knowledge, experience and flexibility to help achieve this vision is key. Nothing is as frustrating for an architect or designer than having to compromise on their vision due to outside factors, and bulk importers and retailers of shutters provide little room to move.

Australian manufacturers like OpenShutters specialise in custom shutter solutions, helping architects and their clients achieve their vision.

For over 30 years OpenShutters has been an industry leader in bespoke shutter solutions, and pioneered the use of shutters in outside/inside areas.

With the entire range of timber and aluminium shutters manufactured at their factory on the Central Coast of New South Wales, and a team of experts who work closely with architects from design concept right through to installation, OpenShutters provide architects with the knowledge, quality, and flexibility to give their clients a truly unique experience.

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